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Jun 18 2012

Last Day of Induction, First of Institute!

Our last day of induction was one of the most interesting. We shared our Story of Self with mostly complete strangers.

The Story of Self is what made you you. A story about how you go to where you are or one that defined some of the values you have/how they were made. While I refuse to share my story with the world full of strangers, we shared together. I didn’t expect to cry, but I did. It was a tough spot in my life Junior year when essentially I lost all of my so-called friends. But I learned a lot- I learned that sometimes you have to be all that you can rely on. Sometimes you have to be all the strength that you need.

We also just mixed and mingled to our hearts content while visiting the Jacksonville Sharks game (arena football). I’d never been to one and was interested in watching, but almost no one wanted to, so instead we just enjoyed chit chatting.


On Sunday, we flew up to Chicago for or institute. Jax really dropped the ball. They made 13 people miss their plane due to poor shuttle planning- they just didn’t have enough shuttles at the times that we needed to leave. But I made it through- all the way to Chicago, with all of my bags. I even got to have the bulkhead seats- although I did ask for them because if my hip sits too long it will start to cramp.

When we got to Chicago and were able to check in and get unpacked, we decided to go on an adventure to target! It is one L stop up and over a bridge or one.5 blocks away. It was easy to get to, but man! I had forgotten how expensive Target is! Way more than I expected! I might try to find an alternative location to go buy food this summer!

It was fun to meet all of the other corps- Chicago, Twin Cities, Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit and us (Jax). I also got to meet my CMA (or Corps Member Advisor) at the BBQ last night. She seemed nice, but we barely got to talk.

Oh! And I am teaching 8th grade general education this summer for 3 weeks (or 14 days). I’m excited but nervous to try to teach math and reading and service learning to this kids. Me and math do not get along. Even in 8th grade. But I am sure I can do it!

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