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Dec 06 2011

Duval Co Teacher Application

So, we have had to apply to Duval County using their online app, and I have some comments to make about it.

 We found out on Monday the 28th (or rather I would have had I not slept through my alarm to wake up at 12:30 am for the meeting at 1 am on Tuesday my time) that Duval County is in the last place in high school graduation rates in FL. The county I grew up in? 6th place.

But back to the application. First the website doesn’t work. I had so many problems with it, it was not funny!

  • I had to pick other for my university degree. They only offered you to pick subject related majors. They didn’t even include “Liberal Arts & Sciences.” But at my school you could only focus on education, not science or social studies! So I put other rather than pick social studies, since my degree and transcripts will not say “social studies.”
  •  They ask you for other languages you are competent in, and I was tempted to put Macedonian, since I can muddle my way through it. But I went to pick it and you can’t. They don’t consider it a language! I mean I’m not sure every language was on there, but they also didn’t have an “other” option either.
  • But Yugoslavian is a language? They also had Serbian and Croatian, so I am not sure what else you could pick for Yugoslavian. This is highly offensive and shows that their system has not been updated since before 1991! I mean that is so rude and culturally insensitive to have Yugoslavian as a language still. It was never an official language that I know of…

 Interesting, but not surprising.

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