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Oct 27 2012

Scary October?

I kept hearing how horrible October is (No 2 day weekends) (honeymoon period is over) (kids are tired of routines), but in reality- it’s no harder than any other day.
I finally feel like my tolerance level is through the sky. The kids don’t bother me as much as they used to- not because their behavior has changed, but because my tolerance level has changed. I can put up with a lot of disruptive students and a lot more talking and not paying attention than I could before. The management is still non-existent. No matter how many veteran teachers, mentors, or administrators I ask for help, nothing works. The kids just don’t listen to me. At all. I hate to chalk it up to the fact that I am white, but everyone keeps telling me that contributes to it. My mentor said something the other day that made me feel better-…

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Oct 07 2012


I guess since we are in the 2nd week of school, I should give you some updates on what is going on in Jax. I thought I would be able to keep this up- but hey- I have no life, so in what part should I have time to blog. My husband is out of…

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Jul 16 2012

These are my Reflections, part1

During the last week of the Chicago Institute they has structured time to reflect on everything that happened this summer. I am currently in the first part of the first session- and am being told to reflect and have personal quiet time to do so, not just ignoring the speaker!- and reading some of the…

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Jul 04 2012

Hard Feelings

EDIT: The purpose of this post was not to bash TFA or teachers who aren’t from TFA. The purpose was to express my frustration at the message they are sending to us this institute. The comments have been side tracked by union debates, if TFA is worthwhile, and bad mouthing TFA. The vision that TFA…

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Our last day of induction was one of the most interesting. We shared our Story of Self with mostly complete strangers. The Story of Self is what made you you. A story about how you go to where you are or one that defined some of the values you have/how they were made. While I…

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Jun 16 2012

Induction Day 3

I am still wrapping my head around today. In the morning we learned about Ax Handle Saturday- a dark period in Jax’s history, but one that should be shared! To learn more, go check out a piece the local newspaper did on it by clicking here. Essential points: on Aug 17, white men gather to…

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Jun 15 2012

Induction Day 1 (well….2)

Today was the first real day of Induction. We had to show up yesterday, but it was a more “get to know you” day as well as a “this is what we expect of you” day. They told us what to expect over induction and a bit of a time about our COA groups. I…

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Apr 18 2012

Pre-insitute work Parts 1-3

I’ve completed the first three parts of the pre-institute reading. Personally, it was not super helpful.   I think it will be super helpful to those who have never been exposed to any women studies ideas and find that facts are the best argument and motivator to change. Or those who have role models.  …

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Mar 21 2012

Pre-Institute Work

Every year before institute, TFA hands out homework. Last year, I received a 5 lbs box with all of the material printed in a specialize book, a workbook, a Teaching As Leadership book, and a CD with stories on it. Most of the material in the book (mostly copies from other books) was how to…

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Jan 29 2012


When I heard I was placed in high school social studies, I always hoped I would be able to teach AP classes. Those were some of the most challenging classes I had in high school, and the lessons I learned in there were truely life lessons. My first year of AP classes taught me time…

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